Facebook has launched several new features, including Diwali-themed avatars, to make Diwali celebrations more vibrant. Users of the popular social media platform will send personalized greetings and engage in Facebook challenges during the festivities. Facebook released the Diwali-ready Avatars and other features on Wednesday, 11 November, to “spread festive cheer online” in a year. Many users will not be able to meet their close friends and family. In a press release, Facebook said that the new bundle of features would include hashtag challenges, dressing up your Avatar using Diwali-theme additions, and following Diwali specific content using particular hashtags.

To start a challenge on Facebook, users need to enter a hashtag in English that ends in the word ‘challenge’ while creating a new Facebook post. Users also can tap on the ‘Try It’ button when they come across another Challenge post in their News Feed on Facebook.

The release also gives examples as to how to spend Diwali safely at home. It says users can share a photo or video of how they celebrate Diwali at home using the hashtag #DiwaliAtHomeChallenge or create a DIY video of how one can recycle light bulbs, ideas, and lanterns, and then throw a challenge called #DIYDiwaliChallenge.

There is also the provision of nominating Facebook friends for the challenges, and this can be done by simply tagging them on the challenge posts.

Facebook had recently launched the Avatar feature created by users using appropriate measures of their physical features and clothing choices. For Diwali, users will be able to make their own “short-form text posts” while using a special edition Diwali-themed Avatar in the background. This will be like gifting a digital Diwali card to your loved ones. Facebook says the text posts could be written in any language, and the backgrounds can be chosen from the many available options.

To use this, users will have to create an Avatar, go to the ‘Create Post’ option and then click on ‘Background Colour’ and select the favorable theme.

Also, hashtags like #Diwali2020 and #ShubhDiwali2020 will let users browse Diwali specific content.

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