Facebook has published its annual diversity report which barely seems to meet the company’s goals to bring more women and people from underrepresented groups into its workforce.

Per the report, Facebook’s global workforce is 63.1 percent male, down slightly from 63.7 percent in 2018. The percentage of female in the company has increased by 0.6 percent with 36.9 percent females in 2019, against 36.3 percent of them in 2018. Among senior leadership, the company has 67.4 percent male, down from 70 percent last year.

As for ethnicity, in its American operations, Facebook’s workforce is 44.2 percent white, 43 percent Asian, 5.2 percent Hispanic, and 3.8 percent Black. The remaining 3.1 percent of employees are from two or more backgrounds, and 0.7 percent marked down as “other.”  In comparison, in 2018, the ethnicity number was 46.6 percent white employees, 41.4 percent Asian, 4.9 percent Hispanic, and 3.5 percent Black.

While this increase looks just marginal, Facebook believes that it is moving in the right direction. “Since 2014, we have increased the number of Black women at Facebook by 25X and the number of Black men by 10X…And importantly, even as we have grown, we have worked very hard on making Facebook a more welcoming, respectful workplace,” Facebook writes in its blog.

As for its 2020 diversity goal, Facebook says:

“We envision a company wherein the next five years, at least 50 percent of our workforce will be women, people who are Black, Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islanders, people with two or more ethnicities, people with disabilities, and veterans. In doing this, we aim to double our number of women globally and Black and Hispanic employees in the US. It will be a company that reflects and better serves the people on our platforms, services, and products. It will be a more welcoming community advancing our mission and living up to the responsibility that comes with it.”

Though Facebook itself calls these goals “ambitious” but considering the number of scandals Facebook has been in the centre of since the last few months, any big or little move in the positive direction will be welcomed by Facebook users, investors, and even employees.

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