Facebook has showcased a new type of technology in a neural wristband, which will help people interact better with Augmented Reality (AR). With the help of EMG (electromyography), the new wristband will convert neural signals into actions to perform various tasks. The new tech is also a ‘natural and intuitive way to work with the Facebook AR Glasses. CTRL-Labs develop the new neural wristband, a startup acquired by Facebook in 2019. The band will convert hand gestures and neural signals into actions with the help of EMG.

The wristband will track ‘Clicks,’ which is a movement-based gesture that involves touching the index finger and the thumb simultaneously. The band will track users’ nerve signals instead of visual sensors.

This has been demonstrated via a video. Go ahead, have a look:

In a blog post, Thomas Reardon, Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) Director of Neuromotor,  said, “What we’re trying to do with neural interfaces is to let you control the machine directly, using the output of the peripheral nervous system — specifically the nerves outside the brain that animate your hand and finger muscles.”

With this, users will perform actions such as playing games, typing, swiping, and more. This tech is expected to eventually evolve and allow people to control virtual UIs and objects in the AR world. And in the future, tech is expected to allow for high-speed typing on the lap with the help of EMG, better than the keyboard today.

Facebook suggests that wristbands will only decode the wrist signals that have been decided and then convert them into actions. It is said to be a much faster way of acting on instructions.

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