Facebook has added new functionalities to its Crisis Response feature today. The tool will now allow people in affected areas to share first-hand information about what they’re witnessing or things they think people around the area must know. This new feature is in addition to the existing ability to share requests or offers for help.

As reported by TechCrunch, Facebook has also added WhatsApp integration into the Crisis Response tool. This means that users will be able to offer or request help through the messaging app. This feature was currently limited to Facebook Messenger.

Notably, only the ability to offer or request help has been integrated into WhatsApp. None of the other features of the tool are currently supported by the messaging platform.

Under Facebook’s Crisis Response tool, various features are offered, like Safety Check, Community Help, and Fundraisers.

Further, Facebook is also updating its ‘Data for Good’ tools, including improvements to its disaster maps. At the time of crisis, Facebook offers disaster maps and shares information about where to distribute supplies.The maps have been corrected for things like commute patterns and tourist populations.

Additionally, starting today, Facebook says it will now be able to share this data with state and local officials, as well as federal relief agencies. For this, Facebook has partnered with organisations like Direct Relief and the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) Foundation.

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