While Mumbai residents were initially enjoying rains as it brought relief from the extreme heat, but downpour has now brought the city to a halt, and worse. In the last few days, 22 people died in rain-related incidents in Malad, Mumbai.

And due to the extreme conditions in the city, Facebook has now activated its “Safety Check” feature. The Facebook feature allows users in the affected area to mark themselves as “safe” so that their near ones can get to know that they are doing fine.

How to use Safety Check feature

All Facebook users in the affected area will receive a notification from the Safety Check feature.

If you want to mark yourself, then you tap on the notification, and as soon as you do that, people in your friend list will get a notification informing that you are safe. Users who mark themselves safe will also be able to see who all nearby friends are okay in the Crises Response page.

You will find out that the friends must have given the answers like “Marked Safe” or “Doesn’t Apply”. You can even ask friends on your friends list if they are okay by tapping on “Ask if Safe” in front of their name. It is important to note that you can only know all this information about a person if they are a part of your Facebook friend list.

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