Epic Games has added a new game mode called The Spy Within to Fortnite. According to a report by ScreenRant, the model is inspired by Among Us. As per the report, Among Us is a small indie title that garnered a massive amount of attention in the last few months. With players around the world using the game to stay connected with friends and make new ones, it is not surprising that earlier this month, it was revealed that Among US was one of the most searched video games on Google.

The report added that Epic Games decided to capitalize on the popularity by adding its own Among Us-style game mode to Fortnite, called The Spy Within.

As per Fortnite, players will start the mode by being told which team they are on, but the other players’ roles are completely hidden. Two players in each game will be on the Spy team and must eliminate all others without getting caught. The rest of the players must complete objectives throughout the map but will not speak to each other unless they are trying to vote spies out.

Meanwhile, Nintendo announced today that the sleeper hit multiplayer phenomenon Among Us is coming to Switch immediately. The game has been, till now, exclusive to PC and mobile and will be available on console for the first time, reported The Next Web. Launched in 2018, it exploded to popularity this year; developers have decided to scrap the idea of a sequel and develop new material for the existing game.

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