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In a rather bizarre move to get rid of everything that reminded current Twitter staffers of everything old, Elon Musk has decided that he is going to auction off assets and souvenirs from Twitter’s San Francisco HQ.

Musk will be putting up several items for auction. These include a sizable statue of the Twitter bird, a projector, iMac screens, espresso machines, chairs, and kitchenware, with opening bids ranging from $25-50. Twitter has already onboarded Heritage Global Partners to conduct the auction.

Since Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, the company’s owner has implemented several cost-cutting measures. He has fired about half of the company’s employees, which has prompted a group of former workers to file a lawsuit, alleging that the mass firings involved numerous labor rights violations.

“We don’t determine which assets a company doesn’t need. Just like a real estate broker doesn’t determine which houses or buildings their client will need to sell,” a CNN report quoted HGP president Nick Dove as saying.

If upon reading this, you feel Musk is conducting the auction to raise money, you would be wrong. Anyone who believes the auction is a part of preserving finances is a “moron,” Nick Dove said.

Apart from getting rid of stuff that doesn’t mean anything at the Twitter HQ, it seems that Musk’s goal is to get rid of unnecessary stuff that takes up space. Musk plans to keep as few people on his team as possible; he won’t need the office furniture that Twitter’s HQ has.

Moreover, he has turned quite a few rooms at the Twitter HQ into bedrooms and therefore had to get rid of a lot of stuff that just occupied space. A report from Forbes cited an internal source, saying that each floor at the Twitter office in San Francisco seems to have about four to eight such bedrooms.

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