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Elon Musk takes a dig at US, UK, China, and EU for their stance on AI at Bletchley Safety Summit

At the recently concluded UK AI Safety Summit in Bletchley Park, Elon Musk met several world leaders, tech experts, and AI security researchers.

However, it seems that Tesla and X.Ai’s billionaire co-founder is not exactly impressed with the way that most political leaders are approaching AI and AI regulations.

Taking a dig at the US, UK, China, and the EU while he was still at the summit, Musk shared a cartoon that depicted the four mentioned entities, saying something about AI while thinking something completely different.

In the cartoon, the US, UK, China, and EU , all believe that AI poses a potentially catastrophic risk to humankind. However, all of them seem to want to develop their own AI, in their own way and be the first ones to do it.

There might be some truth to the allegations that the cartoon is making.

The EU, UK, and US are in a race against each other to set up their own rules and regulations for the development and use of AI. However, they also want to have a controlling interest in how different countries and regions set their agendas. It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that The EU, UK, and US are all buying to set the tone for the development of AI and how it is deployed.

China, on the other hand, is playing by its own rules and doing its things. Wu Zhaohui, China’s vice minister of technology, announced at the summit that China is committed to contributing to an “international mechanism” for AI. And if history is anything to go by, world leaders worldwide know better than to take China at its word.

While the UK AI Safety Summit saw 28 dignitaries, including several tech companies and the US, UK, EU, and China, sign the Bletchley Declaration and affirm their resolve to develop AI in a human-centric manner, a concrete plan of action or even possibly guidelines have not been issued. In such a scenario, one has to wonder what exactly is “human-centric.”

Similarly, US President Joe Biden’s most recent executive order set the tone for AI development and deployment in the country. However, tech experts have claimed that the executive order holds no natural substance and is an exercise in increasing red-tapism to comply with the US government. AI researchers, on the other hand, are claiming that Biden’s executive order is too vague to hold any meaningful value.

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