Elon Musk had recently issued a memo asking the remaining Twitter staffers to either resign on their own accord or prepare themselves for a more hardcore workplace reset, where employees would have to work for longer hours, over the weekends, and even on days of public holidays.

Most of the remaining people on Twitter’s payroll have decided not to subscribe to Musk’s vision of Twitter, or Twitter 2.0 as he likes to call it. Reports are pouring in, suggesting that many people have either voluntarily and publicly resigned from their position at Twitter or have refused to accept or turn down Musk’s offer to continue with Twitter.

When Musk announced that he would fundamentally change Twitter’s culture, he sent a request to Twitter employees. They either had the option of choosing to stay with Twitter and continue, or they had the opportunity to leave. People who choose not to respond to Musk’s request will be assumed to have decided to leave.

Zoë Schiffer of Platformer, Musk and his team are still figuring out which Twitter workers they need to cut access for.

Twitter has alerted employees that all office buildings are temporarily closed effective immediately, and badge access is suspended as of now. Schiffer claims in his report that this is because Elon Musk and his team are terrified employees are going to sabotage the company.

Musk and his team have yet to determine who is staying and who is leaving. For now, they have only compiled the names of the people who have voted “Yes” to being a part of Twitter 2.0. Musk and his team are still trying to figure out the terms of who has decided to leave.

In the meantime, Twitter’s management has asked all employees to continue to comply with company policy by refraining from discussing confidential company information on social media, with the press, or elsewhere.

Twitter’s offices will be reopened on November 21. Until then, no one barring a few people from Musk’s core team is allowed on Twitter’s premises. Specific reports suggest that certain business services have also been suspended for all employees.

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