Election Commission of India to use app that helps people share complains during poll

After the success of a mobile application that enabled people to share complaints with evidence during the Karnataka elections, the Election Commission of India (EC) will use the app in the upcoming polls, an official said here on 2 May.

“It is a success. It will be used everywhere,” he said.”The application will help people to share complaints with evidence. We have used the application during Karnataka elections. Over 780 videos were received by the Commission. We are giving power to common people to check wrongdoings… People will become policemen in the election process,” Chief Election Commissioner O.P. Rawat said here.

According to Rawat, the application has a feature to identify latitude, longitude of the area and concerned constituency. It can also identify concerned election officials so that the complaints are addressed.

The commission will ensure the identity of the complainant is not disclosed, he added.

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