An E-Skin technology sporting shirt that tracks your movements unveiled at CES 2018

A Japanese startup named Xenoma has unveiled its smart clothing shirt at CES 2018. The shirt which comes with an ‘E-Skin’ technology has 14 sensors placed on it to monitor the movement of your body. The E-Skin shirt kit will be available for men for a price of $5000 per set for the first 100 developers in March. The regular price of the shirt kit is $7,500.

The shirt comes with an E-Skin hub that transmits information of the shirt to your phone via Bluetooth. The e-hub comes with Bluetooth v2.1, three-axis gyro sensor that monitors the angular movement of the shirt, and the three-axis accelerometer to track the movement.The ‘E-Skin’ technology has various application including acting as a game controller, workplace assistant and personal trainer. The E-Skin sporting shirt recognises various movements such as bending, stretching and twisting joints and will help in getting information or transmitting information while doing various workouts. The shirt can also be used as a controller while playing games.

It has a frame rate of 60 fps but the developers kit provided with the pack also supports 30, 10 and 1 fps.

The e-hub that transmits information from the shirt has a four hours battery life and can be recharged through a micro USB provided on the hub.

The Software Development Kit also enables to create apps for Windows and Android which can interact with the E-Skin tech sporting shirt.

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