Square Enix has released a 10-hour demo for Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age, played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Moreover, all the progress of the demo version of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition will get carried forward to the full game in case you decide to buy it. The demo version is free to play and has huge chunks of the game’s starting chapters. Duncan Heaney writing for the gaming company in a blog, mentions how 10 hours for a game’s demo is “underselling it.”

It was also revealed that there is a “little treat” for the players who finish the demo’s entirety, but we are yet to know what that is. There’s now a full Japanese voice-over as well.

Touted to be released on 4 December, Dragon Quest XI S is the revamped and expanded version of the original 2017 JRPG. Given the extensive-time period of the demo, players will get the chance to know about the Hero’s story, go on adventures, dig out treasures and fight off monsters and other antagonists.

Square Enix says that every action will get carried forward to the full game, although gamers will have the opportunity of changing the way they have played in the first few chapters. Also, they will have a fully orchestrated soundtrack in the background to enjoy. If the orchestra does not suit your taste, you can select Dragon Quest’s original synthesized score while playing the full game.

The additions will see a new ‘ultra-fast’ speed option that makes battles pass by in a flurry. This will come in handy if fights with goons are only hindering your ultimate objective. While playing the demo, you will be able to try out the Fun-Size Forge, where gamers can forge their weapons, armors, and other equipment. “In the original game, you could craft at specific points in the game, but in the Definitive Edition, you can use the Fun-Size Forge at any time.”

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