‘Chai Pi Lo Aunty’ is the latest meme-worthy internet sensation

Hello friends, chai pi lo. Garam hai! These words by Somvati Mahawar have broken the internet.

This woman’s video started showing up on social media very randomly about a week ago. The video just shows her drinking tea and addressing all the viewers with a “hello friends”.At first look, Somvati aka Chai Pi Lo Aunty’s video is pretty much cringe-worthy, but it is one of those “so bad that it is good” videos, and TBH it tends to grow on you.

If you are anything like me, I just ignored these videos for a while, but now they are all over the internet, and the Chai Pi Lo videos have evolved into aaj main bhindi bana rahi hun ( I am cooking okra today) and an aaj uthne mein der ho gayi (I overslept) video, among many other such insane videos.

She says totally and extremely random things on these videos, but currently, her videos have netizens very excited.

But of what use is a trend that’s talked about for just two days? The real trends are those that get immortalised in memes. With Chai Pi Lo Aunty, that’s exactly what happened.

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