Fans of Call of Duty Mobile can rejoice as the date for season 10 has been confirmed by Activision. The latest season is dropping this week and has been titled ‘The Hunt.’

CoD tweeted a short teaser video that shows players on a hunt in a jungle setting.

Ahead of the season’s release, CoD Mobile had a number of announcements, one of which was that popular maps Terminal and Pine are coming to the 10th season of CoD Mobile.

While the Terminal’s arrival was being speculated for quite a long time now, the confirmation surely settles the deal. The Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer map was seen on the public test servers and Shipment back in July.

On the other hand, Pine is coming to the CoD Mobile to form a new Gunfight map.

According to GameRant, the map has been taken from the 2019 reboot of the Modern Warfare series and features a small zone filled with pine trees. It will be extremely suitable for the close range encounters that are a characteristic of the Gunfight mode (also known as the 2 v 2 modes).

The mobile version of the popular game had received the Gulag map in the Gunfight mode earlier.

There have been lots of speculations about the new skins being released in the upcoming season. A popular CoD leak account on Twitter has given details about four characters till now. They are going to be Makarov, Outrider, Mara, and Ghost Mace.

Also, Frank Woods’s skin was spotted in the Korean version of the game.

He was spotted in a Thai version earlier. There is a chance that the character is released in Mobile soon.

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