One of India’s fastest-growing wearables and audio companies, Boat, has launched a new pair of True Wireless (TWS) earbuds, the Airdopes 500 ANC. Slated to go on sale from the 14th of April, 2022, these TWS earbuds come equipped with ANC and the latest Bluetooth standard.

As the name suggests, the Airdopes 500 ANC comes with active noise cancellation and prices at Rs 3,999. Earbuds with decent ANC features are practically unheard of at this price point, so it will be interesting to see how Boat has implemented its ANC solutions.

The earbuds have been listed on a microsite on Amazon before they go up for sale.

The Airdopes 500 ANC comes equipped with an 8mm driver and pair using Bluetooth 5.2 and has IWP (Instant Wake & Pair) feature. The buds also support active noise cancellation up to 35 dB and have a couple of different modes for allowing ambient sound to flow in.

This is possible thanks to the dedicated low-latency mode and the ambient mode that these stemless earbuds come with. The low-latency mode, also touted as “Beast Mode,” should be great for gaming.

The Airdopes 500 ANC also comes equipped with a quad-speaker setup with ENx technology to improve the voice call qualities. Furthermore, the earbuds have IPX4 water resistance, meaning they would be excellent for dealing with a hardcore sweaty workout. We also get support for voice assistants, namely Siri & Google Assistant.

As for the battery life on Airdopes 500, ANC claims that users will get up to 28 hours of playback time on a single charge. The company also claims that the earbuds themselves will last up to 4.5 hours of constant usage with the ANC. With the ANC turned off, users can expect another hour or so. Also, because the Airdopes 500 ANC has a USB Type-C port, it can deliver up to one hour of usage with a quick 5-minute charge.

Given that Boat is also considerate about how their products look and that they have introduced some exciting and quirky colorways for their products, the Airdopes 500 ANC will be available in black, blue, white, and grey colors.

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