Best time management apps for Android smartphones 2018

New Year 2018 is already half a month old. And by now you may have already broken your new year resolution.

And like 2017, you are again spending a lot of unproductive time on your phone. Then probably it is time to download these apps and leave your smartphone behind.

Listed below are four best time management apps we think can help you to become productive this year.


This is a self-motivating app. In this app, you plant a virtual tree. When you return your attention to your smartphone, this app asks you are very moral and an ethical question. Are you willing to let this plant die? This plant will die if you decide to stare back at your phone.


Let’s face it. Social media is where our heart lies even if we have nothing to do or we are loaded with work. Rescue, basically, gives you a detailed data that in which social media platform are you spending your time. If you get a phone call or some urgent work you can manually add that to your work. This basically gives you graphically how much unproductive time did you spend in your day, week or month.

App Detox

This app helps in rationing out the amount of time you spend on social media. In this app, you can make rules regarding app usage. And if you do break a rule, this app gives you a list of rules you violated and then procrastinated.


Ike is a time and task management app. You basically put in all that is there on your to-do list. This app dissects your work into four segments. It keeps a check on the number of tasks you have done, followed by the mountain of work you are left with.

Let’s hope for the New Year you can finally stop procrastinating and start working.

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