Best safety apps for your Android smartphone 2018

When it comes to moments of personal safety, the instinct to feel secure is as natural as the need to have a smartphone around oneself, always.

Therefore in moments of emergency, or being cornered while walking in an unsafe space; we have listed three safety apps which can help you during such crisis.


Developed by the Delhi Police, this app has a very simple interface. You can simply feed contact details of your trusted circle of friends and family. Following this, in case of an emergency situation, you can press the very intuitive SOS button. If you are in Delhi, this app informs the Delhi Police for you.

Smart 24×7

Today we live such an upwardly mobile lifestyle, anywhere at any time of the day. Therefore, in such a situation an app like Smart 24×7 can be handy. If you think that you are being followed or cornered, then you can always hit the panic button and you will get a call.


More often than not we might not be in a frame of mind or may not have the response time to hit a particular button for rescue or help. The Shake2Safety app can help, if you are stuck in any untoward situation or you need to shake your phone vigorously. A preconfigured number is called for your rescue. If you are connected to a data network, pressing down the power button five to six times in succession, automatically sends audio, video, and the location of your whereabouts to a trusted person.

Though we hope not, emergencies and risks to safety mostly come uncalled. Whether you are a man or woman, these apps can be useful to rescue yourself or your loved ones from untoward situations.

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