BBC announces ‘Own It’, a website to help kids learn about online privacy

In a bid to “minimise the risks” for children in a time of rising cyber crime, BBC director-general Tony Hall announced the launch of broadcaster’s new website called ‘Own It’, targetted primarily towards children belonging to the age group of nine to 12-years of age.

The content in the new website is expected to be published in consultation with a number of organisations in the field of internet safety for children. BBC in July pledged a £34 million investment in producing children’s content and the website is believed to be a part of the pledge.

Talking about the introduction of Own It to The Guardian in a report, Hall said that it would “maximise the amazing opportunities for children growing up in a fully connected world – but we must also take steps to minimise the risks.”

As per the report, the website is expected to be available from 6 December, covering varying topics from managing online privacy to avoiding malware. The shows will feature alongside BBC’s CBeebies and CBBC. The website will also include quick links to charities and organisations such as Childline, etc.

Hall voiced his fears faced by children in the world of social media platforms which he attributed to the lack of proactivity as organisations.

“Is there a right age for children to give informed consent for their data to be used online? What responsibility should organisations have to make sure their platform is right for the age range that is really using it? Two-thirds of 10-year-olds in this country have a social media account – but we all know that’s not supposed to happen until they’re 13,” he stated.

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