Indian Original Equipment Manufacturer Ather Energy showcased their new electric scooter Ather 450X at the CES 2021. The company claims it to be the fastest two-wheeler in the 125 cc category. The Ather 450X comes with a 7-inch LCD, which lets riders navigate, monitor incoming calls, and find the nearest charging points for the vehicle. The scooter runs on electricity, and Google Maps can be accessed through the display to find one’s route. It can also work as easy access to music playing or seeing, answering, and rejecting calls.

The Ather 450X’s touchscreen dashboard operates on Android. The scooter also comes with a 4G SIM card and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Ather 450X also offers a comfortable boot space of 22L. One can easily fit their helmet and other necessary tools in the storage. Charging the vehicle is smooth and convenient as the company has introduced Ather Dot, a home charger that can be installed in your home to charge the scooter after being parked. Ather is offering the scooter in four color variants. These are Space Gray, Mint Green, White, and Series 1 (Black with red stripes). It can offer a top speed of up to 80 km per hour, and it can go from 0 to 40 km per hour in 3.3 seconds. Also, it has been certified in a range of 116 km. Interestingly, the scooter comes with a reverse mode so that riders will not have to use their legs to come off slopes, tight parking spots, or uneven terrain but can keep their legs on the rest and go back using reverse assist.

An Ather mobile app can tell riders their charging status and offer personalized ride statistics.

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