Asus ROG releases ‘Bezel-free’ kit for monitors at CES 2018

Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) has launched a new accessory to ensure that monitor bezels are truly a thing of past.

Now you may think that the company has launched new fancy ‘bezel-less’ monitor screens at the ongoing CES 2018. However, if you are assuming that then you are absolutely wrong.

The way ROG has planned to go bezel-less is with the help of science where its latest, ‘bezel-free’ kit refracts the light to ensure that the bezels on your screen are no longer visible. According to a report by The Verge, the kit packs a set of vertical lenses and a mount that ensures that you gaming monitors at a 130-degree angle with each other. The mounts then use the vertical lenses to ensure that the image on both or more displays are blended together.

This creates a natural feeling of a combined screen instead of investing in the super ultra wide monitor that Samsung launched last year. What is interesting is the fact that this does not use any software or use of power supply or any Asus-branded software.

The company has announced any details on the pricing or when users can buy this comparatively low-tech workaround around the concept of bezels. The best part is that users can use existing Asus monitors. It is not clear if they work with non-Asus monitors but if that is the case then this is probably one heck of a physical hack of a problem that not many people have. But would appreciate regardless.

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