Asus ROG Phone with overclocked Snapdragon 845, 3D-vapour chamber cooling, 8 GB RAM announced

For some time gaming-centric phones were considered as a novelty in the smartphone world. The trend started picking up with the Razer phone and some time later Xiaomi also launched the Black Shark gaming phone. Now, at Computex 2018, Asus has officially unveiled the ROG phone and it looks to be every mobile gamer’s dream.

Take for instance a second USB type-C port which is positioned, on the right side of the phone so that the charging cable does not get in the way while you are playing games in landscape mode. The Republic Of Gamers labeling on the back glows in RGB colours and it can strobe, pulsate or cycle through different colours, via an app.Setting aside the obvious fact that the phone is quite the processing powerhouse, the build of the phone is a thing of wonder. In some ways, one can expect a ROG product to be design-suave, but the ROG Phone tops it off massively.

Asus will also be bundling a retroactive cooler in the box which will provide an additional type-C port bringing the grand total of type-C ports to three. Yes, this is still a smartphone we are talking about, albeit a very powerful one.

The bundled cooler obviously is in place to cool down the smartphone during periods of intense gaming. There is also a vapour chamber cooling system inside the phone, the likes of which was seen on the Black Shark.

Coming now to the specs, the phone is powered by a special Snapdragon 845 SoC which has custom Kryo cores clocked to a whopping 2.9 GHz to provide seamless gaming. The RAM on the phone happens to be 8 GB and there also is a 512 GB of internal storage variant as well.

The ROG Phone has a 6-inch 2,160 x 1,080 AMOLED display and if that single display is not enough for you, then Asus has provided another attachment called the TwinView Dock. As the name suggests this is a handheld grip which has an extra screen and its own battery and it can be attached to the ROG phone giving a Nintendo DS-like experience.

Powering the phone is a 4,000 mAh battery, which supports ASUS HyperCharge, preventing the phone from heating during charging. The phone also makes use of Quick Charge 4.0, which reportedly charges the phone up from 0-66 percent in 30 minutes.

There are a pair of front-facing dual-speakers and in terms of optics, the phone has an 8 MP front camera along with 12MP + 8MP ultra-wide on the back. There is also a fingerprint reader on the back. As of right now, there is no announcement on the pricing of the phone but considering the hefty specs get ready to lighten your wallet.

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