Apple employees are having a rainbow-y day at the Apple spaceship campus.

According to MacRumorsCult of Mac, drone videographer Duncan Sinfield, and a bunch of posts on Twitter, Apple set up a gigantic new rainbow stage at the heart of its spaceship campus…..and, Lady Gaga was there!

This stage and all the colours, and what we are sure of must have been a fantastic performance by Lady Gaga, were all done in a celebration of Steve Jobs’ “spirit”, according to a tweet by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Thanks to people posting all of it on Twitter, we found there were rainbow stairs at this partaay!

The coffee cups were brown and boring either; colours are everywhere!

According to Cult of Mac, the rainbow stage is a 25,000 piece structure and has been designed by Apple’s product head Jony Ive. Apparently, the stage breaks down into a set of building blocks, which Apple can use again and again. Very farsighted!

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