Apple has released major OS updates including iOS 13.1, iPadOS and tv OS 13. The biggest update has to be iPadOS, as it introduces several big changes to the functionality of Apple’s iPad lineup. iPadOS was scheduled to be released on 30 September, however, it was released earlier.

With iPadOS, the supported iPads will now have tablet-specific functionality that won’t be available on the iPhones. Multitasking is going to be a major goal in this new approach with support for opening multiple apps on the home screen and also widgets similar to Android. Earlier, the home screen on iPads was limited to a single app as it is on iOS 13. The widgets will be visible on the home screen along with the app icons and they can be customised across the screen.

External storage support and a new file manager app is being added that should make it easier to access files on-the-go. It includes several updates that are coming to iOS 13.1 including dark mode and updates to apps such as Apple Maps and Reminders. The update also brings support for Xbox and PS4 controllers on iPads.

The Apple Pencil gets several updates to coincide with the new direction of iPadOS. Its tool palette has been revamped with more mark-up features and now the Pencil is more responsive.

Apple released iOS 13.1 that brings in bug fixes that were introduced with the release of iOS 13. Apart from them, it’s bringing automated Siri shortcut actions, ETA sharing feature in Apple Maps, and data separation for enterprise devices.

The Apple TV lineup is also receiving the tvOS 13 update that will introduce the Apple Arcade gaming subscription and support for PS4 and Xbox One controllers. ‘Sign in with Apple’ is also being added along with a picture-in-picture mode that allows you to continue watching a video while you’re browsing the interface. Multi-user support on Apple TVs has also been expanded.

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