Apple’s iOS 12 users can securely share passwords with others using AirDrop

A lot of us are not very good at remembering passwords, especially when you have to keep changing them every now and then. Password managers are a great solution to that problem and Apple has had one for a while now but is now also going to let you share them securely.

There is a limitation here though. For now, the login can be transferred via AirDrop to any iOS 12 user or macOS Mojave device only. So until we see a full rollout of iOS 12, you won’t be seeing this feature being used too often.As per a report by MacRumors, Apple, as part of iOS 12 Beta, now allows you to share passwords with others via AirDrop and it’s quite easy. On an iOS 12 device, one needs to open the iOS Settings app and head over to Website & App Passwords section. After selecting the login, tap on the password field and an option to AirDrop the login will appear.

But it makes us wonder why anyone wants to share their passwords with others, AirDrop or otherwise? Unless the feature is limited to you sharing passwords to devices where you are logged in, it seems a bit strange. It makes sense only if you are working in a collaborative environment, where passwords need to be shared with team members for accessing common logins. Or in cases where you are sharing your subscriptions with your spouse or friends and have the habit of changing passwords regularly.

At WWDC 2018 this year, Apple announced a number of features related to managing passwords and creating new ones with iOS. Users will no longer need to open a new app and have to think of new password which generally leads to having weaker passwords. With iOS 12, Apple will automatically suggest strong and unique passwords, offering the tools to create, store, and retrieve passwords regardless of where the account is being created. Once a password is created, it gets saved into iCloud keychain and can be accessed only with proper authentication.

Siri is also now allowed to fetch you your passwords, of course, after authenticating that it is indeed you who’s asking for it.

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