Announced alongside the iPhone X, Apple’s wireless charger which was supposed to charge variety of its products from its ecosystem has yet to see the light of day. According to a report by Bloomberg, the product is still being tested with an expected launch date of around September 2018, which will technically be a year after it was first announced.

According to Bloomberg report, the AirPower charging mat has plenty of issues. The device was reportedly expected to go on sale by June, 2018, but has now been pushed to September.

Engineers are said to be dealing with a variety of problems with the device that is said to be in its testing phase.

Key among these is a problem with overheating. This is more so because unlike most other wireless charging mats, the AirPower was designed to charge several devices at once. Another problem related to charging multiple devices is cramming in a number of charging sensors, which overlap across the mat.

Lastly, there are also issues with device pairing and finalising the firmware for the custom Apple chips that are in charge of power management.

According to a source, the accessory is still in testing and has yet to hit production.

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