Apple’s 2018 iPhones to come with fast chargers and USB-C to Lightning cables

With the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) just a month away, the 2018 iPhones are creating a lot of buzz.

In a newly released report, suggests that Apple is finally, two years since the launch of its USB-C-only MacBooks, working on bringing USB-C chargers and USB-C Lightning cables for its iPhones. Even now, there is literally no way for anyone to connect their iPhones to their MacBooks without purchasing at least a USB-C to USB-A dongle. Better yet, the report suggests that the new USB-C chargers are rated at 18 W, a welcome update considering that Apple stubbornly bundles 5 W chargers (USB-A to Lightning) with its iPhones. This is despite the fact that the latest iPhones all support fast charging.

A (not very good) translation of a section of the report, courtesy of Google Translate, reads:

The standard chargers for Apple’s iPhone’s next-generation products will be upgraded. After the upgrade, the USB-C output interface will be standard on the entire line. USB PD fast charging protocol is supported and the output power can be up to 18 W. The appearance of the charger will also make a big change, in addition to the volume has increased, but also from the current square upgrade to oval.

Clearly, it’s not just the output that’s changing, Apple is allegedly working on a new, oval design for the bundled chargers.

Currently, any user who wants faster-charging needs to make an additional investment to purchase either a 12 W adapter (USB-A to Lightning) or a 29W USB-C adapter for about Rs 6,000 and a USB-C to Lightning cable (Rs 2,000). An additional Rs 8,000 investment for something that should already come out-of-the-box is obviously hurtful.

For users of new MacBooks who struggle with USB-C ports and are living the #DongleLife, this is welcome news.

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