Apple will release contact lenses with augmented reality (AR) by the 2030s, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in his latest report. Kuo says the computing will move from visible to invisible with these contact lenses. However, they will not have independent computing power. The rumored contact lenses will possibly rely on an iPhone for computing. The report added that these contact lenses could provide an AR experience. It could provide a replacement from wearing a headset or glasses.

However, the product is still not guaranteed as Kuo said that there is no visibility yet for these contact lenses.

It is rumored that Apple is currently working on manufacturing AR glasses and launching them in 2025. Reportedly, the device will provide an AR experience. Interestingly, Kuo also said that Apple glasses might get integrated with the Apple Car. The company will be releasing its virtual reality (VR)/AR products in three phases with headsets in the first one followed by glasses and contact lenses, reveals Kuo.

As per Kuo, the company will also be launching a mixed reality headset in mid-2022. It is also said that the headset will have Sony’s Micro-OLED displays to offer a VR and AR experience.

Another report previously revealed that the Apple headset would have over 12 cameras to track hand movements. The report also said that the headset would have advanced eye-tracking technology and two high-resolution 8k displays. The price of this headset is estimated to be USD 1,000. Expected to launch in 2022, the product’s final weight will be 100-200 grams, reported 9to5Mac.

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