Apple has reportedly notified Intel that it will not use the chipmaker’s radio chips in its 2020 iPhones.

Apple was Intel’s primary customer for its 5G modems, but Intel has now halted the development of the chip and dissolved the team that worked on it, according to a report by CTech. The team will reportedly be focussing their efforts elsewhere.

Internal communications that were reviewed reveal that Intel described Apple as their “key mobile customer” for the combined 5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip, and was their “main volume driver.”

Neither Apple nor Intel have commented on the matter.

The 5G modem that the chipmaker designed for Apple’s future phones is nicknamed ‘Sunny Peak.’

In the past, Apple used Qualcomm chips, but since that the two companies had been in a dispute over patent infringements, forcing Apple to look for alternatives.

Is Apple creating chips in-house using its own technology? Possibly. If Apple is planning to make its own chip, it wouldn’t need to buy chips from Qualcomm. However, the company might have to pay a fee to the company, which again depends on the result of the Apple-Qualcomm legal battle.

As per another report by Bloomberg, recently a Goldman Sachs analyst wrote a research paper that indicated that Apple could be planning to tap the chip supplier, MediaTek, for its 5G chips.

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