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Most tech companies with manufacturing units based in China have been looking to get out of the country and move the bulk of their production facilities to other countries. If specific reports are to be believed, Apple plans to move the size of their upcoming iPhone 14 series production to other countries, especially India.

A new report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple plans to make the iPhone 14 series in India two months after the devices made in China start shipping out.

The company has been working with suppliers to ramp up manufacturing in India and shorten the new iPhone’s production page from the typical six to nine months for previous launches, according to people familiar with the matter.

Apple, which long made most of its iPhones in China, is seeking alternatives as Xi Jinping’s administration clashes with the US government and imposes lockdowns across the country that have disrupted economic activity.

There is a multitude of other reasons as well that has forced Apple to reevaluate its production strategies in China. China has some of the strictest quarantine policies regarding COVID, because of which several tech companies have had to put up with shortages of various components that have adversely affected their production cycles.

Furthermore, the growing tensions between Taiwan, the largest silicon microprocessor manufacturer,r and China are also significant.

Earlier in May this year, we had reported how Apple had planned that countries like India and Vietnam, where a minor portion of Apple’s global production comes from, are likely to emerge as the top choice as the manufacturing corporations are nations considering as alternatives to China. Independent contractors manufacture over 90% of Apple products, in China, such as iPhones, iPads, and MacBook computers. Beijing’s Communist regime and the conflicts it has had with the US government are other reasons Apple wants to move its production facilities outside the country.

In India, Apple uses Foxconn’s plant in Sriperumbudur near Chennai to produce the iPhone 13 series and several other products. Sources close to the matter believe that not only will the Sriperumbudur plant start making the upcoming iPhone 14 series, iPads, and MacBook computers, but Foxconn will also be looking to expand to other areas and either take over existing manufacturing units or set up new ones in the years to come.

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