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Apple has positioned the iPhone as the most secure and “user-friendly” device that does not track your activities. It seems it is about to change, for Apple has decided to take a leaf out of several Chinese smartphone brands’ playbooks. Apple is testing a new feature to show ads on its default or preinstalled apps.

This is according to a report by Mark Gurman, a notable tipster specializing in all things Apple. The report revealed that Apple has internally tested search ads in Maps that could display recommendations when you search for restaurants, stores, etc.

Apple has already been displaying ads on the App Store, where developers can promote their ads based on keywords searched by users while searching for an app.

Similarly, Gurman says, Apple could show ads on Maps, showing paying businesses to appear on top of search results after looking for specific search terms.

According to Gurman, Apple could bring ads to its Podcasts and the Books app. Up until now, both apps have remained ad-free. Apple also wishes to extend the displaying of advertisements in the app store in other parts such as the Today tab and app download pages.

Ads on the today page could also be displayed in larger cards with ‘ad’ written below the app’s name. On the other hand, ads on the individual app pages will be visible in the ‘You Might Also Like section highlighted in blue.

Apple first introduced ads on the App Store in 2016 and also displays apps on its Stocks and News apps. Last September, the company started asking users whether they wanted to enable the Personalized Ads that appear on these apps in compliance with its own App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy that cost social platforms billions of dollars.

Apple’s move to open up more ad slots on its App Store — and potentially on Maps, Podcasts, and Books — could signal that Apple’s looking to expand its advertising business even more.

In May, a report from Insider revealed that Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of services, is reportedly planning to restructure Apple’s services business to direct more attention to streaming and advertising. Apple’s services arm, which includes advertising and its various subscriptions, saw a 12 percent increase in revenue last quarter.

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