Apple renames ‘iTunes Connect’ service to ‘App Store Connect’

Following the WWDC 2018 event this week, Apple has chosen to call its iTunes Connect service as App Store Connect. The iOS app lets developers submit apps to the App Store.

What’s new is that the App Store Connect provides a companion iOS app that helps developers manage the store availability of the published app and track its sales. Developers can respond to reviews instantly.The functions remain the same — the desktop web app helps you upload your app, create a product page for it, manage releases, and view analytics and user feedback.

What will be integrated soon is a feature that will allow developers to send simplified TestFlight invitations, allow easier team access management, use a new REST API to automate tasks, and much more.

App Store Connect is available on the App Store for free right now.

We do not exactly know if this app is a direct replacement for iTunes Connect or a rebranding because the iTunes Connect app is still available on the App Store. It is a guess, that Apple will migrate developers to App Store Connect soon.

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