Apple has recently removed an iOS app called Vybe Together from its App Store. The app promoted private parties during the COVID-19 pandemic and allowed users to organize and attend secret private parties under the tagline, “Get your rebel on. Get your party on.” According to a Business Insider report, TikTok has also deleted the account that posted a video of the app promoting the New Year 2021 party that was described as a “secret gathering” in New York City.

As per a Verge report, it is still unknown if the app worked as a catalyst in organizing unsafe events. The app apparently had 25 ratings and 1,000 followers before being pulled down from the App Store. On TikTok, it reportedly had 139 followers before being removed.

The report also revealed that organizers used to approve who all can attend the event. The selected ones got the venue’s address two hours before the event wh, whoever wants to apply for the app needed to submit their Instagram handle and a few pictures of them partying to confirm that they will not expose them.

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