Apple patents a vapouriser

We know that Apple is a technology company with design chops that are second to none. We expect Apple to keep innovating, coming up with new designs for its products and more. What we didn’t expect is for Apple to come up with a design for…wait for it…a vaporiser!

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published an application that describes what can only be a vaporiser. The Verge reports that the device can “regulate temperature” and release heat from a “substance within a canister”.

We have no idea why Apple is designing a vapouriser, but people seem to think that it might have something to do with Apple’s plans for its upcoming Apple car project.

The Verge does suggest the possibility that the device could be used as a vape (an electronic cigarette) or even as the basis for some sort of 3D/holographic display.

As with most technology patents these days, it’s unlikely that this one will ever see the day. Even if it will, it’ll be years before it’s even out in the market.

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