Apple has just launched a website for Apple Music. It’s still in beta right now, but subscribers can sign in from any browser and listen to their music. No more iTunes!

Since it’s still in beta, you can expect bugs, but we can tell you right now that the service is still far more useful than accessing Music via the bloated iTunes app. New users can’t subscribe via the website yet, but TechCrunch reports that the functionality will be rolling out soon.

Existing subscribers will be able to stream Apple Music as well as access their library anywhere (provided sync is enabled). The site is accessible globally.

It was at WWDC earlier this year that Apple officially announced the death of iTunes. The services provided by iTunes, including sync and backup, not to mention music and video, will be split off into dedicated Music and TV apps, as on iOS.

With Apple slowly but surely pivoting to services, it makes a lot of sense for Apple to have its services accessible to anyone, anywhere, rather than just on a limited set of devices.

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