Controversy and Apple products seem to be walking hand the last few years. The iPhone XS and XS Max had the “beautygate” issue, the new iPad Pro had a bending issue and now it seems the MacBook Pro lineup (2016 to present) has a flex issue.

Weird flex, and definitely not ok!

Popular mobile and laptop repair/teardown website iFixit has spotted an issue with the laptop’s backlights which causes spotted and uneven lighting at the bottom of the screen. The culprit as per the report is the flexible ribbon cable that attache the display to the motherboard. In the case of the MacBook Pro, these flex ribbon cables are thin, fragile as opposed to the beefier ones used in previous designs.

The damage of this cable causes a stagelight-like effect on the bottom part of the screen and in time the screen can stop functioning if the damage is too severe.

The report states that the damage to this flex cable happens over time so your device could be well out of warranty before you notice any warning signs. The bigger problem is that the flex cables are also directly integrated into the screen which means that to fix the problem, the entire screen has to be replaced. Now older models do not have this integrated flex cable problem and could be easily replaced for $6.

iFixit has got a series of threads and videos which support “flexgate” issue but we must also note here that the issue is currently not rampant but is isolated to some users only. Maybe it is nothing to worry about or maybe anyone who purchased a MacBook Pro after 2016 is going to feel a burning hole in their pocket as the display slowly fades away.

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