Apple stepped up with its Retina display offering with the Pro Display XDR at WWDC 2019. It’s a 32-inch display with an LCD panel and a resolution of 6016 x 3384, becoming the largest Retina display ever from the company. It’s priced at $4,999 and it will start selling beginning this fall.

The company is calling it the “world’s best pro display”. There are several features and design choices that do point it towards that direction. Starting with the ‘XDR’ naming, it stands for extreme dynamic range. The display comes with a P3 wide colour gamut and a 10-bit colour depth. This indicates that it’s capable of reproducing a wide palette of colours with high accuracy.

With about 1,000 nits of brightness possible on the display, Apple says that it can peak to up to 1,600 nits. The backlight control implemented on the display ensures high contrast and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. It boasts of a “superwide viewing angle” with a different polariser technology while maintaining colour accuracy and contrast.

The Pro Display DXR has several layers that lead up to the final picture on the display. It’s illuminated with an array of 576 blue LEDs modulated by 12 controllers to ensure the right amount of brightness is delivered instantly. There are more unique layers in between that reflects, mixes and produces all the appropriate colours for the final output. There’s a timing controller (TCON) chip that takes care of reproducing the images by controlling the LED array and the LCD pixels.

Dealing with so many pixels and high-intensity light naturally heats up the display. To ensure heat dissipation is done efficiently, Apple created the lattice pattern on the aluminium enclosure. Not only does it look but it also acts as a heatsink, reduces the weight and ensure better airflow.

The display has an anti-reflective coating and it also comes in a matte finish option that has a nano-texture glass coating.

Apart from the display panel, Apple is selling a Pro Stand separately for $999. It consists of a counterbalancer that ensures the display feels almost weightless. It supports tilt and height adjustment, and the display can also be rotated to a portrait mode. If the Pro Stand doesn’t seem useful, there’s a VESA mount adapter worth $199 also being sold.

The Pro Display XDR was announced along with the Mac Pro desktop. It can connect to the desktop using a Thunderbolt 3 cable. The Pro Display XDR comes out in Fall.

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