The recent US ban on Huawei technologies rattled the Chinese company, as the ban forced various US tech firms to cut ties with Huawei, including Google (and hence, Android). However, while the US has started to ease the ban lately, Huawei doesn’t seem to be wanting to look back and is instead making sure that the customers do not have any doubts regarding their privacy.

The founder of Huawei Technologies, Ren Zhengfei, has recently announced that just like Apple doesn’t share any user information with anyone, Huawei will also do the same. He emphasised that the company will not provide the Chinese government with any kind of information at any cost. He said that Apple is the role model for Huawei when it comes to dealing with user data.

In a recent interview with Financial Times, Zhengfei said that they have never shared any user’s information with anyone and if they did then the US would have evidence to spread. According to him, the company is presently catering to users in 170 countries worldwide and they will stop buying their products if the company ever did this and the company will collapse.

He said, “After that, who would pay the debts we owe? Our employees are all very competent, so they would resign and start their own companies, leaving me alone to pay off our debts. I would rather die.”

The Huawei CEO also told CNBC recently, “data is owned by our customers, not us. Carriers have to track every user, otherwise, no phone calls could be made. It’s a carrier’s duty to track user data. We, as an equipment provider, don’t track any data.”

The ban on Huawei is partially lifted now and the company can now buy American technologies. Amongst all this, Huawei has also announced its own operating system called HongmengOS. The operating system has proved to be 60 percent faster than Android. This new OS is expected to be officially launched at the developer conference on 9 August.

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