Apple’s upcoming iPhones may not have any significant design change on the front side as compared to the last two generations of iPhones, but it would appear by 2020 this could change. The iPhone X notch started a never-ending debate on how intrusive it felt on the screen. While many competitors followed suit with notches on their own devices, they soon started finding clever ways to eliminate it altogether. Now Apple is looking to do the same thing if reports are to be believed.

As per TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who also happens to be the foremost authority on Apple-related leaks, the Cupertino-based giant will be reducing the TrueDepth “notch” in 2020 iPhones. Kuo said that Apple will be reducing the camera-array size in the notch to give more usable area for viewing.

He also said that the 2020 iPhones will be undergoing a design change however, it is unclear from the report if these changes pertain only to the notch or the entire iPhone in general. While reducing the notch-size appears to be a short-term goal, in the long run, Apple will quite likely have a completely notch-free screen.

A separate report by a Credit Suisse analyst has suggested that by 2021, Apple will be implementing a full-screen display with no cutouts of any kind. It will be using full-screen fingerprint recognition technology and an under-screen TrueDepth camera.

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