Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has come out with a new investor note to tell us about Apple’s upcoming iPhone lineup.

In 2020, Apple is expected to release four iPhone models sporting OLED display. In 2021, these four models from 2020 will be followed by one iPhone without Apple’s proprietary Lightning port.

2020 iPhone models

According to a report in 9to5 Mac, Kuo has said that the 2020 iPhone lineup will include a 5.4-inch iPhone, two 6.1-inch iPhones and a large display sporting 6.7-inch iPhone. All of these iPhones are expected to sport OLED displays and all of them will also come with 5G support. The only differentiating factor will be the camera setup in all these iPhones.

The 5.4-inch and lower-end 6.1-inch iPhone models are expected to sport a dual-camera setup and will most likely replace the iPhone 11. The higher-end 6.1-inch iPhone and 6.7-inch iPhone will have a triple camera setup and will most likely replace the iPhone 11 Pro series. The 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhone models will also sport a 3D time-of-flight sensor as well. Kuo says that all these iPhones will have a design similar to the iPhone 4, which means we could expect flat edges instead of the rounded ones we have been seeing since iPhone 6.

In addition to the regular iPhone lineup which will be unveiled in September, Kuo has also confirmed that a 4.7-inch iPhone SE 2 would be coming sometime in the first half of 2020. It would be sporting an LCD display.

2021 iPhone models

According to Kuo, Apple is expected to release the highest-end iPhone in 2021 without any port. So instead of moving from Lightning port to USB Type-C port, there will not no charging ports at all on the highest-end iPhone. Would that mean that Apple will finally also release its AirPower wireless charging pad? We don’t know yet, but wireless charging is the only way you would be able to charge a device with no physical charging ports. Will fast wireless charging be a thing by 2021? Again, it’s difficult to predict that.

The other iPhones launched in 2021 will still have the charging port. Kuo hasn’t specified if these will be Lightning ports or USB Type-C ports.

iPhone SE 2 Plus coming in 2021

Kuo has also predicted that iPhone SE 2 Plus would be the update to the iPhone SE 2, and it would be out in 2021. The iPhone SE 2 Plus is expected to drop the Home button and is expected to integrate Touch ID in the power button on the side of the phone.

Kuo hasn’t speculated on the probable pricing of the new iPhones. But given almost five models for 2020 and 2021, it is safe to assume that Apple would be trying to address a wide range of buyers as compared to this year where it had three high-end iPhone variants.

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