Apple will be launching its iPhone 13 flagship this year, and various specs of the models are getting surfaced online. As per a recent report, the upcoming flagship will feature an in-display fingerprint scanner, a feature that has never been sported by Apple devices. Bloomberg’s recent report states that Apple is likely to bring back the biometric authentication via fingerprint on the iPhone 13. The only difference from the older models will be that the fingerprint will be authenticated right on the screen. Earlier, these fingerprint scanners were embedded in the home button. The last iPhone to feature the scanner was the iPhone SE 2020.

The California-based company is also looking forward to killing the charging port in some iPhone 13 models, as per the report. This move will be initiated first for the iPhone 13 Pro models, after which users will have to switch to wireless charging alternatives. While Apple was the first company to do away with the headphone jack, and with its iPhone 12 models, the charger and headphone, removing the charging jack are a bit trickier.

When Apple had done away with the charger and the headphone in the box, it had also launched its wireless charging range, the MagSafe charger. If iPhone 13 comes with a charging port, users will be forced to purchase MagSafe products, rendering their chargers useless. Apple had cited the increasing electronic waste due to the shipping of new chargers with phones as the reason behind packaging iPhones sustainably. But wireless phones will purchase new kinds of chargers imminent.

According to reports and leaks so far, the iPhone 13 line up will feature four devices. These are going to come with 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch screens. Two of these are going to be Pro models, while the other two will be more affordable. There are rumors of Apple reducing the notch as well.

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