Apple has released the first developer beta of iOS 14.3. It includes ProRAW photo format for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max and a new Home app, and an option to consider Ecosia as a new default search option.

Even though Apple quickly removed the first developer beta, 9To5Mac was able to install it. According to its report, users will enable the ProRAW option via the Settings app under the ‘Camera’ section then under ‘Formats.’

The report said that users would see a new toggle for Apple ProRAW under the Settings app. Apple has stated that each file in the ProRAW format will be approximately 25 MB in size.

It added that users would see a new RAW toggle in the Camera app’s upper-right corner once the setting has been enabled. Users can tap the toggle to enable or disable capturing in the ProRAW photo format.

According to Apple, the goal of ProRAW is to combine Apple’s computational photography features such as Deep Fusion and Smart HDR with the traditional benefits of shooting in RAW.

A separate report by 9To5Mac adds that iOS 14.3 also includes new Home app features, new Apple Watch notifications, among others. The report states that with iOS 14.3, one will install software updates for third-party Homekit accessories directly in the Home app.

The update will also add the ability to set Ecosia is the default search engine. To enable it, users need to open the Settings app and choose Safari and Search Engine. Here they will see Ecosia as a new default option.

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