Last year Apple introduced a Haptic Touch feature on the iPhone XR, which substituted for the 3D Touch functionality that was seen on its higher-end brethen, the XS and XS Max. Now, in the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series, the Haptic Touch feature has been expanded to the entire lineup.

During the launch event last night, Apple executives on stage mentioned Haptic Touch as one of the new features on the devices. As pointed out by MacRumorsHaptic Touch is also listed as one of the features on the technical specifications page for each of the new iPhones device. This means Apple has officially dropped the 3D Touch feature in its latest iPhones.

In many ways, Haptic Touch is similar to 3D Touch, but it’s not quite the same. We have already seen iPads use Haptic Touch and many other Android devices. The difference between Haptic Touch and 3D Touch is essentially based on the force of the touch. While the latter is more of a pressure-sensitive pop, Haptic Touch is a long press paired with an electric feedback when you press.

Also, on 3D Touch, iPhone users got multiple levels of responsiveness due to the pressure sensitivity, which you will not see with the Haptic Touch feature.

While new iPhone users won’t find anything missing from the device, regular iPhone users may miss the feature a little due to the dynamic responsiveness 3D Touch offered.

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