At its annual developer conference called WWDC, Cupertino giant Apple announced several new software upgrades to its lineup of products. Amongst them was the very first OS for its iPad and as you can guess Apple has called it the iPadOS.

Earlier iPads used to come with iOS which just made them a larger screened iPhone. With the new iPadOS, Apple has tweaked the existing iOS platform to suit the needs of iPad users. This includes multitasking features, including a split-screen feature, / Slide Over and multitasking improvements, and also changes to the dock.

The home screen of the iPad, apart from containing all the apps, now also has a widget section as well which were earlier found in the Notification centre. New gestures have been added to iPadOS to slide between multiple apps, and drag and drop apps side by side. Also, Apple has improved its copy and paste feature on iPadOS, wherein now you can use three fingers to pinch to copy and a three-finger spread to paste.

Apart from that iPadOS will also come with a new and improved Files app. It will come with a column viewfinder like macOS, and there’s also happens to be an information pane which basically allows you to make small modifications on files. SD cards and USB devices will be supported in the Files app, which takes it one step closer to represent more features of macOS.

In terms of the browsing experience on the iPadOS, Apple has introduced the desktop-class Safari browser which has a real download manager. And yeah, the iPadOS will have the system-wide dark mode brought in iOS 13.

Not forgetting about the Apple Pencil, Apple has improved the latency of the Pencil from 20ms to 9ms. Also if you drag the Pencil from the corner of an iPad, it will grab a screenshot for you to immediately start working on it.

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