Apple iOS 15.4 allows iPhone 13, iPhone 12 users to unlock device with Face ID while wearing mask

iOS 15.4 update is available for download on iPhone 13 and other eligible iPhone models. The new iOS 15 update introduces many new features, including new emojis and SharePlay. However, the highlight feature rolled out with iOS 15.4 is the ability to unlock your iPhone with your Face ID while wearing a mask.

Apple’s new iPhone models come with Face ID tech that scans various points of your face to authenticate and unlock the device. With the face half-covered with a mask, Face ID failed to work thanks to the pandemic. The only way to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask was to enter the password every time.

Apple did offer an expensive way around the issue. Users with an Apple Watch could unlock their iPhones. The new iOS 15.4 update introduces the ability to unlock the iPhone in a lot more cost-effective way. 

To download and install iOS 15.4 on your iPhone 13 or any other eligible device, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Here, you will get the option to download and install the new iOS 15.4 update. Ensure that you are connected to WiFi throughout the process. We also advise our readers to back up their on-device data before installing the latest update on their iPhones.

Once the update is installed, you will see a splash screen to set up a Face ID with a mask on your iPhone. Follow the basic prompts to re-register your face with a cover for Face ID. iOS will ask you to remove your glasses for the second time in case you are wearing one while registering for the first time. If you are not currently wearing glasses but sometimes do, you can tap on the “Add Glasses” button. Face ID will unlock your iPhone while wearing glasses and a mask. However, the feature will not work if you are wearing sunglasses. This is because the sensors recognize the unique features around the eye area to authenticate, which will not be possible if you wear sunglasses.

The feature works only on iPhone 12 series and iPhone 13 series. You can set up a new Face ID immediately or later via the Face ID settings. Face ID while wearing a mask can be used as authentication for unlocking iPhone, completing transactions with Apple Pay, and auto-filling passwords in apps and Safari.

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