Apple has given details to the Indian government regarding  27 devices and 18 accounts in the January-June 2018 period owing to an investigation of an iTunes Gift Card fraud.

The Cupertino-giant released a transparency report which detailed several of the government’s request including  34 financial identifiers and three emergency requests. Apple provided the device request data to the government in 63 percent of cases and 85 percent in the cases related to financial identifiers.

“The high number of financial identifiers were specified in requests predominantly due to an iTunes Gift Card fraud investigation. One request may contain one or multiple identifiers. We count the number of identifiers identified in each request and report the total number of identifiers by type (Device, Financial Identifier, Account),” the company said.

In global terms, Apple said it had received 32,342 demands from governments to access 1,63,823 devices out of which 25,000 demands came in the first half of 2018. Apple granted 80 percent of these requests.

“Apple is committed to your privacy and being transparent about government requests for customer data globally. This report provides information on government requests received,” said the company.


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