Apple Inc always has a trick up its sleeves to surprise users with new technology. A new interesting patent concerning the future AR/VR headset by Apple, earlier rumoured as ‘Apple Glass’, suggests that a feature of the headset will potentially detect sounds and direct the user to their source. According to a report by AppleInsider, the purported Apple Glass would apparently use an array of sensitive microphones that would help detect audio and locate the precise location, directing the user where to look.

The Cupertino giant previously had applied for patents regarding sound quality in “Apple Glass” and making 3D audio for it. Still, the company’s new patent application with US Patent and Trademark Office shows that Apple is also looking at what “Apple Glass” can do with the audio as its microphones hear.

The patent does not detail how the sound processing would be accomplished but marks a possibility to display a notification when a precise sound is detected.

The microphones will reportedly be able to detect sounds that the human ear can’t hear. They will be situated in different positions on the device that will subsequently help the headset determine the originating sound position. The patent also suggests that the device can have a speaker for audio output as well.

As you know that granted patents normally don’t make it to production, so you should take this information with a grain of salt. It’s still quite early to determine whether Apple will successfully implement this technology in Apple Glass or future AR/VR headsets.

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