Apple has been accused of stealing trade secrets from Masimo that have been incorporated into the Apple Watch. A lawsuit has been filed by the medical technology company against Apple for infringing on its patents as well.

Masimo says that Apple started recruiting key employees from its company, calling it a “targeted effort to obtain information and expertise.” The same employees were hired into Apple’s health teams, according to Masimo.

The company’s CEO Joe Kiani said that via the new recruits Apple was able to access “deep wells of trade secrets” in exchange for “sizable salaries”. Masimo is a medical technology company that builds non-invasive patient monitoring features.

Bloomberg reported that Masimo is seeking to block the usage of its patented inventions in the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5. It’s also asking for the return of confidential information and damages of an unknown amount. Apple didn’t respond to queries from Bloomberg on the accusation.

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