Apple disbands AirPort wireless router team

Yes, those old and outdated wireless routers called AirPorts by Apple may soon be taken off shelves. According to a report by the Bloomberg, Apple has finally shut its wireless routers team, a move that comes as the company tries to focus more on its money making consumer products like the Apple Watch and the Apple TV.

Apple began shutting down the team over the past year, and according to Mark Gurman, moved its engineers into other streams including Apple TV. Apple has not delivered a single update to its AirPort line-up since 2013, which would indicate that it could either have given up on a product that was not delivering the enough revenue or it has something else in mind to connect those devices together.

Wireless standards have been changing over the years with faster speeds and wider coverage thanks to newer chips. Priced between $99 to $299 its hard to justify the “Appleness” of the AirPort when established brands like Belkin, D-Link and Netgear deliver more for a lot less.

The whole problem with the AirPort was that it was not a necessity, meaning that it could generate revenue like the Lightning port that has been licensed to plenty of third-party accessory makers. AirPort routes did not offer anything unique even in the guise of the AirPort Time capsule which doubled as backup storage for Apple’s Mac computers.

However, knowing Apple, we could be looking at a new wireless standard in the near future. Something that will work specifically for Apple-made products. But for now, it’s just goodbye to the good old AirPort!

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