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Apple China is telling iPhone 15 buyers to not use Android chargers to avoid overheating, damage

Apple recently introduced the iPhone 15 series, making significant changes such as adopting a universal Type-C interface. This shift allows iPhone users to say goodbye to their proprietary Lightning cables and embrace USB-C cables across all Apple devices. This change also benefits Android users, who can now switch to an iPhone and choose from any of the four models. However, this transition has created a new issue for iPhone users who use Android phone chargers to charge their iPhone 15 models.

According to multiple media reports, numerous iPhone 15 users are encountering overheating problems, with some describing the phone as becoming uncomfortably hot during charging. Additionally, recent reports from China indicate that Apple Stores in the country advise iPhone 15 users not to use Android USB-C chargers with their devices due to the risk of worsening overheating problems.

A report by Gizmo China reveals that an Apple store in Foshan, Guangdong Province, has cautioned customers against using Android USB-C cables to charge the iPhone 15. Store staff expressed concerns about overheating due to differences in pin arrangements between the two interfaces. They explained that using an Android cable could lead to overheating because of the slightly smaller gap between the single-row 9-pin and single-row 11-pin connectors than Apple’s USB-C cable.

Significantly, this warning is not limited to a single Apple Store. According to a recent report from the Chinese portal CNMO, numerous Apple-exclusive stores across China have issued similar advisory notices.

While Apple has not officially commented on the issue, a debate has emerged about whether the caution from China reflects genuine device safety concerns or if it’s part of Apple’s strategy to encourage iPhone 15 users to purchase the company’s own USB-C cables.

Users also highlight the need for more precise instructions from Apple regarding using USB-C charging cables for the new iPhones. Although Apple’s official guide does specify the use of Apple-branded cables and charging adapters, it also mentions that users can use third-party cables and power adapters that meet specific criteria, such as compliance with USB 2.0 or later standards and adherence to relevant safety regulations in the user’s country, as well as international and regional safety standards.

However, Apple simultaneously warns that not all third-party adapters meet these safety standards, and using non-compliant adapters can pose severe risks to the user’s safety, potentially leading to death or injury.

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