Apple, last year was spotted filing a patent for a device that appeared to be like an Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) headset, but it seemed to be lighter than the ones introduced by Microsoft and Facebook-owned  Oculus VR.

Now there’s a report that mentions that Apple’s rumoured head-mounted AR device could be ready by mid-2020.

As per a report by Macrumors, Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo states that the AR glasses by Apple will be out in the market as accessories for the iPhone and mainly play the role of the display while being connected to the iPhone wirelessly. All the processing might be carried out in the iPhone itself.

Thus the design is expected to be slim and lightweight as there might be hardly any hardware for processing in the AR.

Though the device is speculated to roll out in the market by 2020, the mass-production of the AR glasses might begin in the fourth quarter of 2019.

In November 2017 as per a Bloomberg report, Apple was said to be developing an AR headset which was aimed to be made ready by 2019. The report also mentioned that the headset would run on a new customised operating system called “rOS” which would stand for “reality operating system” and would be based on iOS.

As per Macrumors, the company has time and again been rumoured to be working secretly on AR and VR with a team of about 100 employees.

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